Huxton Creepers w/ The Sunnyboys

So much pleasure to mix the mighty Huxton Creepers when they support the 2nd night of the The Sunnyboys @ The Forum in Melbourne- so many memories - so much great music.
Forum history
Real knobs…mmmmm

Huxton Creepers soundcheck

Mr Bruce Johnston on the Midas

Creepers Paul Thomas rock boxes


Bluesfest 2014

Smash’n’Sound mixes the smok’n hot Black Sorrows and the one & only New York son Garland Jeffreys @ Bluesfest 2014.
The calm before the Black Sorrows storm

Black Sorrows going off @ Crossroads stage

Mojo bigtop @ sunset

Panoramic Bluesfest backstage
Mr Garland Jeffreys w/ The Black Sorrows @ The Juke Joint

Rainbow Bay going off!



Time Of My Life superband follows up its 2013 sell-out tour of Oz with 2 nights @ Moomba closing the days celebrations 
- note mix position on top of container (great sight-lines). 

Great to work with such great musicians, top crew with such an excited crowd.

Time Of My Life Superband

View from FOH

View to FOH

Daryl gets em singing

F1 Melbourne

A quick trip to F1 @ Albert Park Lake
Ross Wilson & The Peaceniks preform @ F1 after practice session - well almost - it is amazing how loud race cars can be compared to a Nexo line array and a band @ 100dBA!