2016 Showtime

A few 2016 show shots...

K-Mart Christmas Party w/ The Bowie Show feat Tim Rogers, Adalita, Iota @ Parliament House
A Day On The Green w/ Russell Morris (supporting Rodriguez, Xavier Rudd & Archie Roach)

Harley Days @ Woollongong w/ Ross Wilson & the Peaceniks

Russell Morris @ Twin Towns - new Soundcraft Vi3000

Big Red Bash 2016

Birdsville Big Red Bash 2016
Russell Morris supporting Jimmy Barnes - lovely to be back in the outback for a return to this unique gig - due to heavy rains the location was moved from the base of Big Red (sand dune) back into Birdsville, still a great location with a massive crowd who mostly came by 4x4 - big trip to see some music!