1927 NEW GENERATION TOUR April -June 2023

 1927 TOUR

Smash'n'Sound joined the DG Global team as touring sound engineer for iconic Australian band - 1927. 

With shows in most states in predominately theatre venues, the band was a powerhouse act to mix and pull together those classic 90's sounds with Davey Porter on drums, Rodrigo Bustos on Bass & MD duties, Aaron Mendoza on Keys, Peron Lan on lead guitar and original frontman Erik Weiderman delivering the signature vocal and rhythm guitar parts. 

Using in-house systems, the tour jumped between Allen+Heath d-Live, SQ series, Avid Profile & S6L's, DigiCo SD models & Yamaha CL series. 

Smash provided instrument mics as per normal featuring sE Electronics VR1 passive ribbon on guitars, Radial JDI's, and a selection of drum mics from Audix, Beyer, Audio-Technica & Senheisser.



 November 2022 - A real pleasure to spend a week with Kate Ceberano & massively talented band cruising the South Pacific from Vanuatu back to Sydney on Pacific Adventure Sailcation.

Chance to work with some dedicated crew and mix Kates hits in a unique environment.  Ocean swells and stages are a curious combination.